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March 2017 Issue of The Reel News

This issue is one of our biggest at 68 pages.  It features the Marhoff reels, the first “-Henry” reel, the Hypnarowski clear Plexiglas reels (pictured on the cover), Akron Reel Company, Meisselbach ‘Go-Withs’, a riveting story of the acquisition of a lifetime for Jim Schottenham whose good fortune landed a coveted Morgan James reel and

January 2017 Issue of The Reel News

The January 2017 issue of The Reel News has been shipped and should be making its way to your door! You’ll find it brimming with great articles, research and photos of old reels of every description. Gayles? Check. Meisselbach Tournament Reels? Check. A reel made from an ancient copper coin? Huh? Well, yes. Check. So check

November 2016 Issue of The Reel News

What’s in the November issue of the Reel News? Simple answer: A boatload of great articles, history and photos! This issue features: — The Marhoff Story, about “the world’s greatest reel,” written by Eric F. Jeska and heavily illustrated; — A new member spotlight on Tim Gelinas, entrepreneur and reelmaker; — Alan Hines’ essay on

September 2016 Issue of Reel News

This 40 page gem of a magazine features interesting stories about: 2 failed Rockford Illinois reel manufacturers that made The America Reel and the Hastings reel An unusual Allison reel The illusive Sylvanus Meek A female championship caster and her jacket A mystery reel, and What every collector should do to document their collector and

July 2016 PDF RN-2

July 2016 Issue of The Reel News

This issue has highlights of the 2016 National Convention in Gatlinburg Tennessee at Buckberry Lodge.  Read about “Cranking out Smith Reels”, “Pflueger Summit” and Richard Lodge’s Auction Report!

Wood pig reel

May Issue of the Reel News

Reel News Editor, Richard Lodge, has done another outstanding job with all of the submittals that you, ORCA members, have contributed. Here’s what’s inside this issue! St. Croix’s Fishing Machine by Charlie Tanner Reels of the Trade – The Gus Habich Reels of Indianapolis by Dr. Todd E.A. Larson February Spinning Reel Report by Ben

5500D Champ

March 2016 Reel News

Here’s what’s in the March Reel News: Trade Reels of Herman Bumiller by Todd E.A. Larson Bronson Website Update by Mark Williams New Member Spotlight – George Di Giovanni, by Betty Barr Ambassador Reels by Tugg-Mason, by Paul Manuel River Reflections, by Bob Miller Jeffrey Reel Handle, by Colby Sorrells Spinning Reel Report by Ben

Hard Rubber Meek

January 2016 Reel News

January issue of The Reel News: Todd Larson explores the fishing reels of Walgreen’s Drug Stores in another installment of Reels of the Trade; A look at the skeleton fly reels made by the Canadian company SANDS, by Paul Manuel; Colby Sorrells delves into the unusual world of “Decathlete, ThumbRest and the Castomatics”; Mike Cacioppo

Ideas for Hosting a Regional Meeting in Your Area

By Betty Bar On Thursday December 10, 2015, six ORCA members met in Frankfort at the Kentucky History Center to view some of the most historic antique reels in American angling history.  Manufactured from the mid 1800s and known broadly as “Kentucky Reels”, these reels were arguably the most finely crafted fishing implements ever made and

List Your eBay Items to Benefit ORCA as a Charity

You can designate a portion of your sales at eBay as a donation to ORCA. ORCA has registered with eBay as a qualified non-profit organization to receive donations via eBay listings (auctions, etc.). This was done through the help of member Dave Lucas, and now under the direction of Scott Truex, who also runs the