Ocean City Reel Photos

Ocean City Reel Photos

Ocen City Home photoThis site is maintained by the
Old Reel Collectors Association (ORCA) through donations to a special fund by
many of its members in tribute to the late Robert Paul Ellis, who
developed this and other sites dedicated to documenting and preserving the
history of old fishing reels.

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  This is a collective Ocean City (or as OC) reel site where all can get information on their OC reels,  or their OC trade reels.  First published on 12-28-12.  Under “More” we have 7 more pages of different OC reels.

This site is currently under construction and more info and pics will be added as time allows. Left click on the pictures to enlarge and some will have words underneath to help identify the pic. Most information within is taken from old catalogs and ads so dates and descriptions are made to the best of our knowledge.

If you like Bronson reels check out our other website which we created and published on 8-23-11, here is that link,  take a look at that site too!  http://www.bronsonreelphotos.com/  There you will see many reels with gorgeous ornate designs.  Both of these collective websites are the only ones of their kind and we are very proud to be able to show these sites with all their photos and information.

Robert Ellis was a very active member of ORCA and a member of the NFLCC. He passed away October 2013 and will be missed by all of us. He was a friend to many and a truly enjoyed this reel collecting hobby immensely.  We all rely on help from other collectors to help out with these websites,  so all of us can learn.  Please keep reading on to see more links to websites of some of the most knowledgeable authors and the reels they collect.yuu

  ORCA (Old Reel Collectors Association) is a wonderful website where a person can ask questions on old reels,  or vintage fishing tackle and most times your questions will be answered with in hours.  A very incredible club that is full of many knowledgeable collectors with years of collecting experience.  It has a lending library full of vintage fishing reels and tackle books.  Also you can get copies of old catalogs and literature on certain reel makers,  at very good reasonable prices.  Plus a bi-monthly magazine called the Reel News, which is full of great articles from other members.  We can not say enough about this club.  To check out the club or to join here
is the link.
NFLCC ( National Fishing Lure Collectors Club)  This is a fantastic club on old fishing lures and tackle,  here you may find out information on old fishing lures and tackle.  A very impressive club catering to members international.  Here you can see all the different fishing lures and tackle makers they had in the earlier years of fishing tackle.  This club is full of some great and very informative people.  To check out this club or to join here is the link to there website link.

Robert Ellis on the left and John Elder at the Cardiff, CA Fishing Tackle Show 2/13

Here are some more links to some great sites
on vintage reels and fishing tackle

OC Schematics    http://www.reelschematic.com/schematics/oceancity.php
Author Jim Scottenham    www.sidemountreels.com
Author Phil White     http://oldreels.com/
Author Dr. Todd Larson     http://fishinghistory.blogspot.com/http://luresnreels.com/
Author Ron Gast     http://luresnreels.com/
Author Steve Vernon     http://antiquefishingreels.info/
Author Ed Pritchard      http://www.antiquefishingreels.com/
Author Joe Yates   http://www.joesoldlures.com/wwwboard/
Author Wayne Benson   http://waynesreelcollectibles.weebly.com/
Author Wallace Carney http://mitchellReelMuseum.com/ 

Special Thanks to – Robert Ellis –

ORCA, Don Champion, John Elder, Rick Heitman, Jeff Johnson, Ray Hodges,  Robert Bittner,
Daryl Rodenberger,  Mark Williams,  Jonathan Kring and Wayne Benson for their help and information.Website Editor,  Jeff Johnson

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