What is ORCA

What is ORCA


The Old Reel Collectors Association, Inc. is a rapidly growing group of over 700 fishing reel collectors from all over the US and 9 foreign countries. ORCA provides many benefits that far outweigh the annual membership. Included are:

The Reel News. A member’s magazine devoted 100% to reel information. The Reel News is published six times a year. It contains articles about reels, manufacturers, developers, show and auction reports, letters, classified ads, several regular columnists, and more. You can access and download the Comprehensive Bibliography of all Reel News articles here.

The ORCA Library. There are thousands of catalog copies, articles and literature available to members at cost. See the Library page for more information.

ORCA Membership Roster. A directory of ORCA members, listed alphabetically, by state or country residence, and by collecting interests is published annually in March in The Reel News and updated in each issue.

Honorary Membership Program. This program honors persons deemed to have made a major contribution in the field of fishing reel collecting or history. To learn about ORCA Honorary Members click here.

ORCA Brochure. Click on the link to view our brochure. Trifold Brochure.v2